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Our top notch, highly experienced professional team offers complex advisory solutions to all challenges arising in the areas of taxation, legal advisory, bookkeeping, tenders and business consulting.

HÍD Consulting

All assignments are approached combining the high expertise of our specialists and the comprehensive way of thinking of advisory teams, creating a coordinated effort.
With our joint professional workshop, we intend to further enhance our Clients’ efficiency by not only offering the highest level of professional solutions, but ensuring, via the coordinated and joint effort of our specialists, all in one place, that no gap in the information flow will hamper efficiency.

Our list of services

Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.

Client feedback

Thanks to our complex and high-end services rendered, our Clients have high trust in our advisory services.

“Together with my colleagues, I have been in a continuous work relationship with the employees of the Law Office for more than 20 years. In the past years, we worked together in a number of cases affecting various legal fields. Their work has always been characterized by correctness, professional skill, maximum discreetness and an excellent objective to cooperate. This is also why I regularly recommend them to my Partners and Acquaintances, from whom I always receive positive feedbacks...”

Béla Hetzmann

Managing Director of CSABAcast Könnyűfémöntöde Kft.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rába Nyrt.

It is reassuring for us that we can enjoy the support of such advisors on the part of HÍD Consulting who develop taxation alternatives fitting to our transactions in details and also taking the long-term impacts into consideration in every case, with a convincing experience regarding tax authorities. In knowledge of all this, we are confident that they will also contribute to the successes of our Group in the future by their high-quality professional work and their aim to provide comprehensive services”

Gábor Emőri

owner of the I-Cell Group

“Safety, flexibility and oustanding professional skills. Trans-Sped Kft. has been present in the logistics market for 30 years with such solutions for which the basis is provided by these values and which are held important by us also in the services provided to us by HÍD Consulting. This thinking built on mutual values is what will lay the foundation for a successful cooperation between Trans-Sped Kft. and the HÍD Consulting also in the future. “

Zsolt Fülöp

the Managing Director and Owner of Trans-Sped Kft.

“The compliance with the changes involved in the development of information technology became a significant duty of the operators of the competition market in every lines of business. The demand for software solutions satisfying even the cross-border electronic services that appear as a result of the connection of the financial transaction and the IT sector requires always up-to-date legal support. The experts of HÍD Consulting – who have an outstanding proficiency, among other things, in the law of intellectual properties – have been providing this domestic and international service to us at the highest professional level for more than 17 years, and in addition, I have an unambiguously positive opinion regarding them, both personally and in professional terms...”

Róbert Kő

Executive Director of Dorsum Informatikai Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Zrt.

Since my childhood, my ambition is to be one of the best professionals in my trade. I have learned that this requires sacrifices and this may be why I appreciate if I can work together with similarly devoted persons. The secret of success of Havasi Entertainment Zrt. is, in my opinion, that the best professionals of Hungary help our continuous development in every field. I am thankful to the HÍD Consulting because with their professionalism they also contribute to the possibilityof my dreams coming true.

Balázs Havasi

the owner of Havasi Entertainment Zrt.

“I think that a business partnership is much more sensitive than a friendship. Trust is more fragile, professional skills and accuracy are fundamental conditions, and the mutual expectations and the rules laid down in papers may sometimes put us under uncomfortable restraints. I can sincerely state that the business relationship with the team of HÍD Consulting have created an atmosphere of unconditional trust from the first moment on, owing to their proficiency and their people-oriented communication with the clients. Maybe this business partnership is the exact reason that an excellent friendship has also been formed with the management”

Péter Müller

Managing Director of SPECIAL EFFECTS LTD.

“I am of the opinion that masterful efficiency and up-to-date knowledge is expectable from any tax expert office, but it was surprising even to me, how quickly and effectively HÍD Consulting is able to develop comprehensive solutions with proficiency while paying attention to the smallest details as well. My image of them was positive even at the beginning of our relationship and the years that have passed since that time confirmed that this correct and helpful team earned our confidence to the greatest extent.”

Gábor Vass

Managing Director and owner of TMX Mobile Solution Szerviz Kft.

“It is reassuring that we can always rely upon the team of the HÍD Consulting, should it be responses to our taxation type questions or a complex expert support provided in tax authority proceedings. Throughout the past years of their cooperation, their professional skills, perceptiveness and their approach to the solution of problems helped us find the alternative involving the least loss possible in a number of difficult situations. Their directness and humour facilitates the discussion of dry themes and distinguishes them from the seemingly grey mass of tax advisors.”

Patrícia Nagy

Financial Director of Bravogroup Office

“We found the team of the HÍD Consulting, which was recently established at that time, in connection with an ad hoc consultation. Their assertive knowledge and professional background was so convincing that a stable cooperation was established between our companies, which is in effect ever since that time. We managed to solve such tasks together with them, which seemed to be impossible. Until now, whenever we have contacted them with regard to any question, we have been met with an always solution-seeking, supporting approach, never saying something is impossible and with high-quality expert work. They often spice up our sometimes dry and strongly technical negotiations with humour and, as a result, a nearly friendly relationship was formed between us in addition to a good business relationship.”

Andrea Tóth

the Managing Director of Telefor Kft.

Owing to the innovative, venturesome developments and its especially strong professional team, the Fornax Group has been an unavoidable factor in the IT sector since 1991. In addition to the professional skills of our colleagues, the permanence of the high quality services provided to our clients is guaranteed by the stability and continuous development of our internal processes. In addition to our own resources, the HÍD Consulting contributes to this in the field of taxation. Due to their professional skills, cooperation, availability and their fast work, we can safely relegate our taxation matters to them, which had always been managed and represented by them successfully and at our highest satisfaction.

Csaba Mátyás

Financial Director of the Fornax Group

“As the head of an engineering bureau, I set the objective that we can never neglect high standards regarding technical matters; this is why we employ and train such experts who have professional skills specialized to the relevant area. This is not otherwise with regards to taxation and therefore I am convined that, as long as taxes exist, tax experts are also needed, so that we can provide the maximum with the least possible error. In the field of taxation, we found this guaranteed safety in HÍD Consulting; their continuous support helps us to concentrate our energies on the tasks that are really important for us.”

Gábor Megyeri

owner of the Profigram Zrt.

“Proper orientation is indispensable in all fields of our operation, this is especially true for taxation questions. The Tax expert team of Híd navigates us with utmost circumspection and support from the first moment on. They support our activity, thoroughly checking all possible outcomes of the question to be solved, should the case be either an everyday matter or a complex one; doing all this with a perfectionist approach and going into comprehensive details.”

Viktória Jaczkó

the Managing Director of Mantra Communication Kft.

Social responsibility (CSR) programs

We have the chance to act

Our primary aim is to provide services to our clients at the highest quality possible. We cannot, however, forget about corporate social responsibility either.

HÍD Consulting donates to charity 0.5% of the fee due to us as per the contracts concluded with our clients, but at least HUF 1,000 per invoice.

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