HÍD Pályázati Tanácsadó Kft. renders full-scale services in the field of procuring EU and domestic public funding, and in gaining access to additional financing possibilities.

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Our services related to tender procedures

Tender monitoring
Our Clients can save significant time and efforts by outsourcing the monitoring of tendering procedures, i.e. by mandating the expert team of HÍD Pályázati Tanácsadó Kft. to cover this task for them, subject to the pre-determined criteria. Our highly experienced advisors will keep tracking and trying to identify new opportunities arising in the field of public tendering or gaining access to other sources of financing, which enable our Clients to make efficient organisational and business improvements.

Drafting tender proposals
We can take care of the entire spectrum of tasks related to the drafting of tender materials for our Clients, starting with the preparation of the tendering documentation, meeting all requirements stated in the request for proposals, both in terms of formal requirements and required contents. As part of our tender advisory services, we assist our Clients in thoroughly understanding all administrative, financial, tax law, legal and other professional conditions stipulated by the request for proposals, and how to meet such conditions. We ensure that the necessary project proposal is drafted and submitted in a timely manner via on-going consultation with our Client, and if any adjustments, modification, missing information or clarification is required by the requesting authority, we take care of that.

Project origination
Participating in the on-going tendering procedures, drafting the relevant project proposals, managing several simultaneously running projects, and smoothly administering all related tasks, requires significant efforts and specialist skills. We offer this service to Clients who intend to focus their resources on their core activities, or who may not have an adequate number of internal staff having experience in the area of tender advisory.

Project management and monitoring
When trying to implement a tender winning project proposal, ideally all beneficiaries should be satisfied. Nevertheless, our experience shows that the administrative tasks, and the interim and closing activities arising during the implementation phase of the projects and during project maintenance, might create real challenges for the project owner. We intend to take this burden from our Clients, so that they can solely focus on the positive results achieved.

Do you need tender advisory?

Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.
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