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Internal audits, special audits and due diligence

As part of our audit services, we review the tax aspects of major economic events, for several tax types and multiple tax years, following the Tax Authority’s standard audit procedures. By identifying the risk areas, our professional team helps our Clients to avoid the majority of the sanctions possibly levied by the Tax Authority, and to mitigate other risks.

Seeking advice from the relevant official authorities
When any uncertainty arises within the legal environment, we create the highest level of tax compliance for our Clients, by eliminating or mitigating the tax risks, and when needed, with the involvement of the Tax Authority or the Ministry of Finance.

Special arrangements related to liquidation proceedings
To avoid the risk of Tax Authority liquidation proceedings, a Debtor may agree to special arrangements with the Tax Authority to duly pay part of the tax debt. Our specialists have high expertise in how to use this legal possibility to your benefit, and provide full-scale support to our Clients, from proposing a payment schedule to signing the final agreement with the Tax Authority.

VAT refund management
Filing a VAT refund application often triggers the attention of the Tax Authority, likely to be followed by a tax audit. We offer help by managing VAT refunds efficiently, to ensure a timely refund, involving full-scale legal representation during the tax audit, and prior to that, a full review of all documents to be submitted to the Tax Authority.

Drafting transfer pricing reports and updates
The Tax Authority seems to pay special attention over the past few years to check the transfer pricing policies and practices of affiliated companies (Groups), and inspecting the availability and detailed contents of the underlying documentation. Thanks to our high level expertise and professional experience, we can offer secure and reliable solutions and support in the area of drafting transfer pricing documentation, with follow-up reviews, and offer advice on the generally applied market prices.

Legal representation, involvement in tax audits and managing lawsuits
Our experience shows that being involved from the early stages of a tax audit, the time spent by our Clients to reach a beneficial outcome can be significantly shortened. We aim to reduce the level of anxiety associated with such tax audits at the companies we represent, so our Clients can focus on their day-to-day operations. From the early stages of any tax audit or litigation, we involve an associated specialist independent Tax Attorney, having vast experience in managing Tax Authority proceedings, to cooperate with our own in-house tax advisory team. This ensures that our Clients can be fully prepared for any lawsuit, with a proper strategy prepared, to facilitate a winning position.

VAT risk mitigation, VRM services
For VAT exempt and export sales within the EU, as well as domestic procurements, we can provide a fast and reliable prior written expert opinion. We also provide follow-up tax advisory, to eliminate all VAT risks.

International tax planning
Fast-paced globalisation has created a tax environment full of challenges. The comprehensive global operational and supply chain models applied by companies offer a competitive advantage, but also create additional challenges in international tax matters, while tax authorities worldwide intend to expand their audits to cover international structures and cross-border transactions. With this in mind, we prepare international tax optimisation strategies for our Clients, and provide consulting services on matters within the area of international taxation, transfer pricing, global restructuring and cross-border M&A transactions.

Complex asset management advisory services
We offer legal and tax advice to both individuals and business entities on inheritance and complex asset management. After a thorough review of our Client’s particular needs and objectives, our advisors will offer full-scale legal and tax advice, including the formation of tailor-made, individual structures, as needed.

Assistance with foreign VAT refunds
With the help of our expert staff holding vast experience in international proceedings, we offer full-scale services and legal representation related to the refund of VAT paid in foreign countries.

Professional management of payment advantage solutions
We can assist in administration and negotiations with the Tax Authority to reduce or even pardon certain overdue tax debts and the related sanctions levied. Our well-trained advisors can also offer advice on instalment payment and deferred payment schemes.

M&A consulting
We offer full-scale taxation and legal advisory services as part of M&A transactions, exit plans, reorganisations, restructurings, share swaps, business share transfers and asset transfers. As a buy-side representative, we try to identify the inherent risks involved with the target company.

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Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.
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