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Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, full legal compliance.

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Our bookkeeping services

Taxation and bookkeeping are closely related areas. With no proper bookkeeping system in place, it is impossible to create a long-term, appropriate tax environment. Our experience shows that an inadequate bookkeeping, or poor communication between the bookkeepers and the tax experts will sooner or later lead to tax related problems, which can only be solved with disproportionately heavy burdens and major additional costs triggered. With the involvement of our highly qualified staff, we provide services covering all aspects of bookkeeping, including a review of invoices and accounting records, checking their adequacy, as well as the drafting of analytics, tax returns, balance sheets and resolutions of the general meeting.

Payroll accounting
We offer payroll accounting services to our Clients via the use of the most up-to-date software programs, and with over a decade of work experience, covering all areas of payroll accounting, including the hiring of new employees and the termination of employment, and the related administrative tasks, the monthly payroll calculations, sending the salary payments, the related mandatory data disclosure and the preparation of monthly tax returns and summary statement on payroll taxes, and professional advice related to all payroll accounting issues.

Without a tailor-made controlling system being designed and in place, no company can be properly managed, regardless of its size. We are able to assist our Clients to provide access to all data and information derived from the Company’s bookkeeping system, always up-to-date, and presented in a structure suitable for their needs required for their own planning, analysis, and decision making purposes, thus ensuring that the Company’s operations remain to be the most efficient and profitable.

Accounting advice and expertise
Our accounting experts hold accountancy and auditor qualifications, and have decades of work experience, so they are able to provide high level assistance in the areas of more simple day-to-day operational tasks, or the identification of and finding resolutions to more complex accounting issues, always aiming to find an acceptable solution to everyone, so that the Client’s needs are met and full compliance with the laws is also ensured.

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Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.
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