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Our Law Firm is keen to represent our Clients’ best interests to the full extent, in all cases covered by the areas of our expertise. We aim to review each case with a comprehensive approach, covering multiple legal areas to facilitate finding an appropriate and final solution to all cases we manage.

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Our legal advisory services

Corporate and business law
We efficiently help our Clients in the entire spectrum of company law, ranging from the selection of the right business form, to the incorporation of the given company, the management of all later changes, and the termination of the company’s operations, as and when needed. This requires an in-depth understanding of corporate and business law, linked to the areas of legal due diligence, M&A transactions and corporate transformations, where we have high level work experience and can show outstanding results.

M&A transactions
We cover the entire spectrum of M&A transactions. As part of the transactions, we conduct legal due diligence and identify all legal risks related to the target company’s operations. We are involved in the preparatory phase of the transactions, provide legal advice when signing the underlying Agreement, and draft all necessary and related transfer, option and syndicate agreements. We overview the transaction closing procedures, bearing in mind the Client’s best interests and special requirements.

Commercial law, Competition law
Our advisory team specialised in trade law offers high-level assistance in the areas of drafting and editing various asset transfer agreements, lease agreements, engagement contracts and mandates, franchise agreements, R&D agreements, supply agreements, and any other type of commercial agreements, as well as providing comprehensive legal advisory and expert opinion.

Intellectual property rights
We provide legal advisory in all areas of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, patents, designs, know-how, and the related application filing, and handling of oppositions. We can act as your Attorney in litigation and provide advice on how to solve legal disputes.

Labour law
We offer full-scale labour law related representation and advisory, both on the employer’s and the employee’s side. This includes, amongst others, drafting the employment agreements and the related documents, providing legal advice on day-to-day issues, giving advice on how to lawfully terminate employments, drafting the related documents, and representing our Clients in lawsuits when necessary.

Construction law
We offer efficient assistance to our Clients in the area of construction law in the broad sense. Our services include, amongst others, the obtainment of building permits, managing plot division, issues related to plot neighbours and enforcing construction work related indemnification claims via legal means. We have experience in handling Land Administration proceedings; furthermore, we can represent our Clients when seeking legal remedy related to the review of construction authority resolutions.

Finance law
An in-depth understanding of possible legal risks related to financial markets and transactions is inevitable for a proper corporate strategy, and for private individual Clients if you make decisions on long-term financial commitments. Our Attorneys specialised in the area of financial law are able to provide legal assistance to all decisions, with all aspects being covered. We have a significant professional background in providing full-scale legal advisory services to financial service providers in the banking sector, and we undertake the incorporation of and the merger of financial service provider, as well as the management of the necessary authorisations required for their on-going operations.

Public procurement law
Our professional staff, qualified in public procurement related legal advisory, provides legal advice on all activities carried out related to public procurement procedures, both on the requesting authority’s and the tendering party’s side. Our public procurement related advisory services cover full-scale advisory and representation services on the tendering entity’s side, while on the side of advising the requesting authority, we offer a complex management of the entire public procurement tendering procedures, according to any procedural rules and in all professional areas.

IT services law

The IT services industry is a fast growing industry, with a legal framework which requires the application of complex legal solutions. Szerencsés és Hajdu Law Firm has served as the legal advisor and attorney to a large number of major IT services companies for several decades now. As a result, they have accumulated considerable know-how and experience in solving tasks requiring complex legal advisory.

Settlement of legal disputes
We aim to provide solutions which serve our Clients’ best interests, in a timely manner, being highly professional and effective, and this is the approach we take when representing our Clients in civil law or finance law related disputes, during the negotiations phase, or if no agreement is reached, in court trials, and out-of-court procedures, as well as in arbitration court proceedings. We also cover the areas of filing appeals, judicial reviews and Constitution Court proceedings, and legal representation at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Property law
The market players of the property market, involved in residential or industrial property development, the sale and purchase of arable land, forests or residential properties, may face (besides to sale and purchase transaction) several issues which require complex, specialist legal solutions. Our legal advisors specialised in property law offer advisory on all related matters.

Family Constitution

Drawing upon several centuries of foreign examples and adapting them to Hungarian conditions, it can be stated that the fundamental and framework tools for preserving family values, managing conflicts within the family, regulating inheritance within the family, and maintaining, consolidating, and developing family wealth, etc., can be the specific, individually articulated Family Fundamental Provisions, also known as the Family Constitution.

Thus, the Family Constitution can provide a comprehensive and clear regulatory framework and structure, for instance, for trust asset management, wills, mapping the raised risks and available advantages in relation to tax law and other audits, planning the execution of generational transfers, professional audits of family business organizations, and the full execution of acquisitions, etc.

Our Law Firm, together with the internal and external experts of the HÍD Consulting, also offers professional assistance in designing unique family constitutions and the related services mentioned above, as necessary. Additionally, we ensure creative collaboration for our clients who require these services, including confidential and professional family consulting, naturally with the utmost discretion extending to information technology.

Financing related law

Our activities cover the entire spectrum of managing legal matters related to inter-company consolidations and financing deals. Our advisors provide professional advice required for a proper settlement of payables and receivables, ensure identifying possible risks, and finding an efficient solution to all problems arising. We facilitate compliance with the applicable laws, and support our Clients in completing the planned restructuring and re-financing deals successfully.

Law on succession
Our Law Firm provides full-scale advisory and legal services in the scope of the law on succession, including the arrangements to be made to the property items forming part of a heritage, and the drafting of a will or an inheritance agreement. Our activities cover the area of trustee type asset management services, including the required complex – primarily tax related – services. Further, we represent our Clients in probate proceedings, or in any legal dispute arising related to inheritance, as well as in the administrative proceedings conducted for business shares inherited and their related registration with the Company Registry.

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Legal Advisory

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