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The challenges created by the ever-evolving and dynamically changing economic environment, and due to both the market and growth expectations, as well as the challenges of shifting perception from generation to generation, may require the shareholders to consider wider expansion strategies and to review the strategic directions set for the company. To support such efforts, our consulting team tries to assist our corporate Clients by providing the widest range of financial and transaction linked consulting services.

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Our business consulting services

Company sales
Our services related to the advisory of company sales cover the monitoring of our Client’s progress all the way through the sale transaction. We provide an overall coordination of all processes required to reach the various milestones, to ensure that the company value is maximised upon the completion of the company sale transaction.

During the course of the execution of corporate acquisitions, we can provide significant value to our Clients, both during the analytical and due diligence, and the negotiations phase. As consultants, we contribute to creating an environment needed to efficiently conduct the negotiations, to bridging the possible disagreements due to cultural and other types of gaps existing between the buyer and the Seller, and ensure that our Client’s interests are properly represented and the transaction is successfully completed.

Company evaluation and planning
When a third party investor is involved, or when acquiring or selling business shares or entire companies, the key question is the actual company value, on which the transaction is based. An essential part of this analytical process is to draft a detailed, medium-term financial plan, which enables the company to see what plans can be actualised in the forecast period, and through that to see how is the future cash flow generating ability of the company, which will serve as the basis for evaluation.

Arranging for financing
Our services in the area of arranging for financing aim to provide efficient assistance to both private individuals and corporate Clients by examining the possibilities available to find alternative resources required to fulfil our Clients’ strategic goals.

Financial models and process analysis
The aim of our financial modelling and process analysis services is to provide support to our Clients in trying to optimise their internal operation processes, required to face the challenges of the ever increasing market competition, and to enable the company to benefit from corporate synergies, and to achieve an even higher level of operational efficiency and profitability.

Strategic planning and assistance to generational changes
To retain and maintain the competitive position of a company is always a key consideration for shareholders, for which it is essential to have an optimised corporate strategy. For this purpose and to create a proper foundation for future financial decision making, a detailed financial model is required, which we design in close cooperation with our Clients tailored to their individual needs.

Do you need business consulting services?

Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.
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