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dr. György Hajdu

dr. György Hajdu


He started his career as a law clerk, and aftewards commenced his work as an individual lawyer. Since 1997, he’s been working as a Managing Partner at the law firms he’s been a member of. He’s been a member of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of many well-known companies. In 2015, he obtained an LLM degree in Tax Law. As a specialist lawyer, he was mandated to perform work for several state owned organisations, local municipalities, banks and multinational companies. Nowadays he mostly works for the small and medium size enterprise sector. He is a founding Partner of HÍD Consulting.

Tax Advisory

We identify and eliminate risk factors, to create tax-efficient operations.

Legal Advisory

We enforce your rights and efficiently represent your interest.

Bookkeeping services

Tailor-made solutions, flexible bookkeeping services, and full compliance with the laws.


We arrange for financing solutions for the Clients’ development projects, and provide assistance in the implementation phase.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial advisory and transaction consulting services to corporate clients.
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